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HF19/18(J) Mobile Screw Air Compressor

Air Displacement: 19-20m³/min
Discharge Pressure: 18bar
Rated Power: 194kw
Rated Speed: 1900-2200rpm



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Product Description:

1. The main parts are made by famous enterprises at home and abroad with reliable quality.
2. High energy efficiency, low energy consumption, actively responding to the national call for energy conservation and emission reduction. Through the comparison of data PK in recent 2 years, under the same flow, the power consumption of low-voltage two-stage is smaller (reduced by 10%-15%).
* Under the same power consumption, the two-stage flow is larger (increased by 10%-20%).
* At the same flow rate, the power consumption of medium and high voltage two-stage is smaller (reduced by 25%-35%).
* With the same power consumption, the two-stage flow is larger (increased by 25-35%).
3. Gull-wing wide-open door design ensures wide operating space, convenient maintenance, saving time, and improving efficiency.
4. With the control panel, the operation state of equipment is clear to ensure man-machine safety.
5. Applicable for hydropower, railway, mine, highway, grouting, cable.
6. Beautiful and elegant, reliable performance, high-cost performance, compact machine, and flexible movement.

Product Features:

1. The enlarged plastic air filter is designed to be used for more than 5000 hours with a filter element accuracy of 3 microns. Dry, heavy-duty, long-life design, easy to clean and replace.
2. SAE standard stainless steel pipe design, low resistance, strong corrosion-resistance, superior performance, completely eliminate oil leakage, air leakage, and water leakage problems.
3. Adopting the most advanced host machine in China, adhering to the exquisite manufacturing technology of Germany, adopting the low-pressure and high-efficiency tooth shape with the highest efficiency, the optimized runner design, the big rotor, low speed, high efficiency, and high reliability provide your air compressor with a powerful heart, thus achieving efficiency and energy-saving synchronization.
4. The enlarged horizontal structure cooler not only improves the cooler performance but also facilitates the maintenance, thoroughly solving the unit high-temperature problem
5. Increased oil and gas storage tank to ensure safe and reliable operation.
6. Oversized fuel tank ensures all-day operation of diesel.
7. Oversized fuel filters ensure the cleanliness of diesel entering the engine. Extend the service life of the diesel engines.
8. Super large, super strong walking system, strong bearing, and mobile flexibility.

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