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HF360RC Reverse Circulation Core Drilling Rig

Drilling Diameter: 150-250mm
Drilling Depth: 360m
Engine Power: Cummins 125kW
Rotary Torque: 8500N.m



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Product Description:

1. All parts of the drilling rig are installed together on the turning platform with crawler chassis, it moves conveniently and has good maneuverability.
2. Rig with powerhead has long feed stroke so that it can shorten the time of installing or unloading drill rods and improve the drilling efficiency.
3. Rig with full hydraulic transmission and control operates easily and flexibly .it can show smooth operation and reliable work.
4. Rig with dual-channel powerhead has strong torque as well as pulling force, it has strong ability to deal with accidents
5. Machine installed a hydraulic clamping & breakout system to automatic wrench the drill pipe and tools, both assistant time and lobar intensity are reduced during the drill work
6. Drill head with dual motor drive has a variable speed and wide speed range, it is suitable for the application of pneumatic DTH hammer drilling and alloy drilling.

Product Parameters:

Rig model HF360RC
Borehole depth (m) 360
Borehole diameter (mm) 150-250
Drill head rotary speed (RPM) 48-190
Output torque of drive power head (NM) 8500
Drill head feeding stroke(mm) 3500
Drill head max lifting force (KN) 150
Drill head max feeding force (KN) 100
Hoist max lifting capacity (KN) 20
Engine power (KW) Cummins 125
Drill machine Weight(Kg) 9800
Overall Dimension(L*W*H)(mm) 6800*2250*3100

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