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HFD-20 Wheel Rotary Drilling Rig Pile Driver

Drilling diameter/mm: 500-1500
Dimensions/m: 8.50*2.25*3.25
Tire model: 900-20
Engine speed/rpm: 2400


●Piling driver for road
●Construction hydraulic pile
●Driver bore pile machine
HFD-20 Wheel Rotary Drilling Rig adopt pressurized drilling mode, enabling rotary drilling depth is 15m. matching the different specifications of drilling tools, pile hole diameter range up to 500-1000mm. Customizable Cummins Engines.
It has high drilling efficiency, and after construction, it can quickly move to next working site . Wheels move flexible, convenient and efficient, is a national high-speed rail constructionspecific piling machinery equipment. This machine is applicable to soil, clay, fill soil, silt, silt layer, and some strata contain pebbles, gravel; widely used in high-speed rail trestle piles, slop shield piles, photovoltaic power station foundation pile, power grids, civil construction, new
rural construction, municipal construction, landscaping and other projects.

Model HFD-20
Operating mode Cylinder pressurization
Drilling diameter/mm 500-1500
Drilling depth/m 14
Dimensions/m 8.50*2.25*3.25
Machine weight/t 8.5
Tire model 900-20
Engine YuChai
Engine power/KW 88
Engine speed/rpm 2400
Power head torque/KN · m 22000-30000
Power head speed/rpm 30-50
Lifting force/KN 150

hfd 20 wheel rotary drilling rig pile driver 3 hfd 20 wheel rotary drilling rig pile driver 2


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