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HFDD-120E Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig

Model: HFDD-120E
Engine:Cummins 4BT3.9-C100
Rated power: 74/2200 (kW/r/min)
Maximum push force:120 (kN)




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Product Description:

1. The drilling rig adopts the world’s first-class hydraulic products. The hydraulic circuit of the whole machine adopts a closed (push-pull and rotary) circuit and an open (auxiliary circuit) load-sensing circuit with high efficiency.
2. The operating valve group adopts electric control and manual coordination, and the main control valve adopts an imported American Sao valve, which has high reliability.
3. The drilling rig parameter display adopts an intuitive pointer and electronic instrument, so that the drilling rig pressure, torque, rotation speed, push-pull force, and other parameters are clear at a glance.
4. The powerhead rotation is driven by an imported French Poclain double-low-speed high-torque motor and is equipped with a two-speed step-less speed regulation function. The main shaft is floating, which is beneficial to protect the drill pipe thread.
5. The push-pull of the powerhead adopts four sets of imported American Sao motors and Dynamic reducers to drive, rack-and-pinion transmission, and good stability.
6. Equipped with onboard operating room, heating, and cooling air-conditioning, comfortable working environment, and convenient operation.
7. The distance between the caliper and the shackle clamp of the clamp and shackle is adjustable, the shackle is automatically centered, and the clamp moves throughout the whole process and the shackle are accurate, stable, and reliable.
8. It adopts an imported Korean Doosan reducer, with strong power and strong climbing ability.

Product Parameters:

Name Parameter
Engine power Weichai  390KW/2100r/min
Maximum push-pull force 1300KN
Maximum push-pull speed 8m/min(Ifiles)

24m/min(II files)

Maximum rotation torque 60000N.m(I files)

30000N.m(II files)

Spindle speed 0-45r/min、0-90r/min
Mast entry angle 8-16°
Maximum make-up torque 70000N.m
Maximum shackle torque 140000N.m
Random crane 3.2t
Maximum flow of mud pump 1000 L/min(Optional)
Maximum pressure of mud pump 8MPa
Drill rod specifications 5”
Crawler walking speed 2-4km/h
Maximum grade 25°
Dimensions(L*W*H) 14.5X3.1X2.85m
Weight 30T



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