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HFDX Series Full Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig

Drilling Diameter: BQ,NQ, HQ,PQ
Drilling Depth: 2000m/1600m/1300m/1000m
Engine Power: 179kW
Max.torque: 6400N.m



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Product Description:

HFDX series full hydraulic core drilling rig is applied to exploration and prospecting of geology, metallurgy, coal, petroleum, natural gas, groundwater and for other industries.

Product Parameters:

Project HFDX-4+ HFDX-5+ HFDX-6+




Drilling depth

BQ Drill pipe
1000m 1500m 2000m
NQ Drill pipeΦ69.9mm 700m 1300m 1600m
HQ Drill pipe


500m 1000m 1300m
PQ Drill pipe
/ 680m 1000m





Power head capacity

Rotating speed 0~1100r/min 0~140~370r/min 0~134~360r/min
0~450~1145r/min 0~430~1100r/min
Maximum torque 4200N.m 4650N.m 6400N.m
Vertical shaft through hole diameter 98mm 121mm 121mm
Maximum pulling force 150kN 150kN 220kN
Maximum feed force 60kN 75kN 110kN
Diesel engine
rated power 132kW 145kW 179kW
Rated speed 2200r/min 1900r/min 2200r/min








Hydraulic pump

Big pump

90 series 75/90 series 100

Set pressure 30MPa 31.5MPa 32MPa
Maximum flow 140L/min 150L/min 200L/min
Middle pump

45 series 60

Set pressure 25MPa 28MPa 28MPa
Maximum flow 120L/min 120L/min 120L/min
Small pump

45 series 60

Set pressure 20MPa 28MPa 28MPa
Maximum flow 50L/min 120L/min 120L/min
Side front pump


Set pressure 16MPa 20MPa 20MPa
Maximum flow 12L/min 25L/min 25L/min

Side rear pump 04/1004F

Set pressure 5MPa 5MPa 5MPa
Maximum flow 8L/min 8L/min 8L/min





total height 9m 11.2m 9m
Adjust the angle 0~90° 0~90° 0~90°
Drilling angle 45~90° 45~90° 45~90°
Give progress 3500mm 3800mm 3500mm
Mast slip stroke 1100mm 1100mm 1100mm

Lower gripper

Clamping range 55.5~117.5mm 55.5~117.5mm 55.5~117.5mm
Through hole diameter 154mm 154mm 154mm




Main hoist

Single rope lifting force

Level 1

57kN 77kN 57kN
boost speed 38~40m/min 44m/min 38~40m/min
Wire rope diameter 16mm 18mm 16mm
Wire rope length 50m 60m 50m




Vice winch

Single rope lifting force

Level 1

12kN 12kN 12kN
boost speed 130~400m/min 100m/min 130~400m/min
Wire rope diameter 6mm 6mm 6mm
Wire rope length 1000m 1500m 1000m


Mud pump

Maximum displacement

At 2.5MPa

160L/min 250L/min 160L/min
greatest pressure

At 52L/min

10MPa 6MPa 10MPa
Walking speed 2.5km/h 2km/h 2.5km/h
Gradeability 30° 30° 30°
Ground pressure 0.14MPa 0.14MPa 0.14MPa
Host weight 9.3t 13t 9.3t


Working size 4600×2200×9000mm 4800×2240×11200mm 4600×2200×9000mm
Transport size 5100×2200×2450mm 6250×2240×2750mm 5100×2200×2450mm

hfdx series full hydraulic core drilling rig a


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