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HFEBZ-200A Tunnel Coal Mining Roadheader Machine

Overall weight(t): 42-120
length(mm): 8932-13000
Shovel plate(mm): 2800/2500-3800/3600



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Product Description:

1. HFBZ-135L Suspended Type Roadheader is mainly used for driving coal roadways, semi-coal rock roadways, and soft rock roadways and tunnels. Mainly aimed at the construction of low coal mine roadway soft rock. The body is short, the center of gravity is low, the climbing ability is strong, and the stability is strong;
2. Dust removal spray system has internal and external spray functions, with good dust suppression and pick cooling effects;
3. The traveling drive system adopts the highly integrated international advanced technology of motor and reducer, and the output torque is large, which is suitable for operation;
4. hydraulic system adopts constant power, pressure cut-off, load-sensitive control, and uses bypass filter technology to effectively increase the life of hydraulic components and reduce system failures. The main hydraulic components are all internationally renowned brands;
5. The electrical system uses an explosion-proof and intrinsically safe switch box and an intrinsically safe operation box, which are small in size and light in weight; High abrasiveness and long service life;
6. The intermediate conveyor has a straight structure, smoothly overlaps with the shovel, and has a high gantry and smooth transportation;
7. The main body and rear support are welded with a thick plate box structure, which has good rigidity and high reliability;
8. cutting mechanism has a telescopic function, which is conducive to sweeping and trimming, reducing car moving, high cutting efficiency, and deep undercover;
9. double seat configuration, and the seat can be adjusted to meet the needs of different operating positions, and the operation is comfortable and convenient;
10. The operating handle fully considers ergonomics, and the operation is convenient and comfortable;
11. Large cone angle cutting head design, reasonable arrangement of picks, strong drilling, and rock breaking capabilities, low pick loss, and high tunneling efficiency;
12. the self-locking washer is added to the connection position of key components, which is durable and reliable.

Cutting Head
The cement mill clinker uses 3D digital model design and finite element analysis for optimization. The pick arrangement is reasonable and the rock-breaking ability is strong. The picks have high cutting efficiency, the cutter body and the cutter head are resistant to wear and have a long service life. The guide plate adopts an imported high-strength wear-resistant steel plate, which improves the service life.

Walking Part
The traveling drive adopts the German original hydraulic motor and reducer, which has great traction and strong climbing ability.
High-strength cast steel track shoes, strong impact resistance.

Rexroth slice handle adopts gradual control, high sensitivity, and precise and non-clearance control features.
The handle plunger has anti-rust features, long service life, good operating feeling and low failure rate.

Product Parameters:

Item Unit Parameter
Overall dimension
Overall weight t 42
length mm 8932
Shovel plate mm 2800/2500
Main body mm 2200
Cutting head is laid horizontally on the highest point mm 1608
Main body mm 1470
Undercut depth mm 295
Ground clearance of machine mm 158
Range of positioning cutting
Height mm 4000
Width mm 4840
Area m^2 19.3
gantry height mm 350
Grade ability ° ±18
Travelling speed m/min 6
Ground pressure MPa 0.131
Gross power kW 210
Power of Cutting motor kW 135
Power of electric pump motor kW 75
Input voltage V AC1140/660
Input frequency Hz 50
Rotation speed of cutting head r/min 38
Stretch mm 500
Loading capacity
Star wheel type m³/min 4.32
Crawler width mm 520
Out. width of crawlers mm 2200
Tensioning style / Cylinder tensionning and snap-gauge locking
Water pressure of spraying
Water pressure of outside spraying MPa ≥4
Water pressure of inside spraying MPa ≥2
Max. non-removable parts size m 3.41×1.38×1.33
Max. non-removable parts mass kg 4700

hfbz 200a tunnel coal mining roadheader machine a


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