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HFJ11 Hydraulic Tunneling Jumbo Drilling Rig

Drilling Diameter: 45-89 mm
Engine Power: 73.6kW
Traveling Speed: 11.5/5.6 km/h



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Product Description:

1. HFUP45 Crawler DTH drill rig is a HANFA self-developed new mid to deep hole professional and high efficient underground drill rig, primarily used in underground mining, rescue & relief work, hydro construction & railway bolting, etc.
2. HFUP45 with working ability&feature of the imported drill rig, combined with domestic mid to deep hole drilling process & market needs. With low one-time purchase cost, low operation & maintenance cost, and many choices of consumables. Easy to operate.
3. Imported key hydraulic&electrical components for product reliability under a severe work environment. Market-approved control system for reliable&stable performance.
4. With diesel&electric dual power packs, diesel engine for tramming, with fast/slow tramming speeds. Electric motor for drilling, energy-saving & low noise.
5. Water mist dust collector for improving the work environment. Water flow adjustable according to actual work conditions with water shortage warning.
IP67 grade control box, light weighted&flexible. Portable control box for drilling&pipe loading/unloading control in falling rock danger area. When not used, the control box&cable stored inside the rig.

Product Parameters:

Perforation range 45-89 mm
Drill pipe specification T38-H35 R32/3,700 mm
Wiertarka skalna model HF104M
Diesel Engine YC4DK100-T301
Diesel engine power 73.6 [email protected],400 rpm
Main motor power 55 kW
Pump pressure and displacement 12bar 2 m³/h
Air compressor pressure and displacement 8bar 0.5 m³/min
Total length of the propeller 5,500 mm
Walking speed 11.5/5.6 km/h
Climbing angles 15°
Driving turning radius Inner R2,600 outer R4.600mm
Work end face size (width × height) 5,612×4,340 mm
Maximum working area 15 m²
Dimension (L x W x H) 12160*1450*1400/2035mm
Weight ≤11T

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