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HFJ12 Hydraulic Tunneling Jumbo Drilling Rig

Drilling Diameter: 45-89 mm
Engine Power: 75kW
Traveling Speed: 3.6/2.3km/h




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Product Description:

Drill Jambo
The hydraulic drill jumbo adopts a special structural process based on the domestic tunneling process to realize super-strong
anti-bending capability, high drilling speed, and low drilling tool consumption and effectively improve the working performance of
tunnel side hole drilling.
The lightweight high-strength alloy girder features high anti-bending, anti-distortion, and anti-fatigue performances and longer life.
Drill boom
The all-directional paralleling-maintained drill booms of proprietary technology feature accurate positioning. The drill booms
adopt equal-strength structure design to realize reasonable structure, high strength, and long life.
Drilling system
The three-stage anti-seizure, anti-empty-drilling, and automatic return functions of the drilling tool are provided to effectively
improve the drilling efficiency and reduce the consumption of drilling tools.
Hydraulic system
The electronic control design is applied for the auxiliary motions, including outriggers and roof lamps to simplify the pipelines
and ease the maintenances.

Product Parameters:

Perforation range

45-89 mm

Drill pipe specification

T38-H35 R32/3,090mm

Wiertarka skalna model


Diesel Engine

Cummins OSB3.9 – C100-31

Diesel engine power

75 [email protected],200 rpm

Main motor power

45 kW

Pump pressure and displacement

12bar 4 m³/h
Air compressor pressure and displacement

8bar 0.3m³/min

Total length of the propeller

4,890 mm

Walking speed

3.6/2.3 km/h

Climbing angles


Driving turning radius

Inner R2,535mm outer R4,800mm
Work end face size (width × height)

5,968×5,145 mm

Maximum working area

28 m²

Dimension (L x W x H)




hfj12 hydraulic tunneling jumbo drilling rig a


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