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HFJ460A Water Borehole Wells Drilling Rig Machine

hfj460a water borehole wells drilling rig machine, welcome to consult us


Product Parameters:

Model(NEW) HFJ220A HFJ260A HFJ360A HFJ460A HFJ560A
Max. Drilling depth 220m 260m 360m 460m 560m
Drilling diameter 90-254mm 90-315mm 105-325mm 105-350mm 105-350mm
Working air pressure 1.05-2.46Mpa 1.7-3.0Mpa 1.05-3.45Mpa 1.05-3.45Mpa 1.05-4.5Mpa
Air consumption 16-30m³/min 17-35m3/min 16-55m3/min 16-55m3/min 16-60m3/min
Drilling rod length 3m 3m 3m/4.5m/6m 3m/4.5m/6m 3m/4.5m/6m
Drilling rod diameter 76/89mm 76/89mm 89/102mm 89/102mm 89/102/114mm
Axle pressure 4T 4T 4T 10T 12T
Lifting force 12T 14T 20T 24T 28T
Lifting speed 2.5m/min 2.5m/min 3.0m/min 3.0m/min 3.0m/min
Pulling speed 0.5-5m/min 0.5-5m/min 0.5-5m/min 0.5-5m/min 0.5-5m/min
Fast lifting speed 18m/min 18m/min 30m/min 25m/min 25m/min
Fast pulling speed 35m/min 35m/min 50m/min 40m/min 40m/min
Max. rotation torque 4200-5600Nm 4500-6500Nm 6500-8500Nm 7500-9500Nm 8500-11000Nm
Rotation speed 48-70r/min 50-70r/min 60-100r/min 45-120r/min 75-150r/min
Mud pump flow 20L/min(optional) 20L/min(optional) 20L/min(optional) 20L/min(optional) 20L/min(optional)
High hydraulic leg stroke 1.5m 1.5m 1.5m 1.5m 1.5m
Walking speed 2.5Km/h 2Km/h 3.5Km/h 3.5Km/h 3.5Km/h
Climbing capacity 30° 30° 30° 30° 30°
Weight 4.7t 5.4t 8.5T 10.5t 11.5T
Dimension 3600*1700*2150mm 3900*1700*2150mm 4800*2000*2450mm 5700*2000*2550mm 5800*2250*2550mm
Power 65kw 77.4kw 93KW 94KW(6 cylinder) 153kw


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