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HFMG-200 Anchor Jet Grouting Drilling Rig

Drilling Diameter: 130-300mm
Drilling Depth: 150-200m
Engine Power: 125kW
Rotary Torque: 1800-9400N.m





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Product Description:

Main feature
1. It has no dull pollution and no need for air-compressor when drilling the incompact ground area, the gravel place, and fragment rock stratum.
2. Special tube drilling technical, it can be drilling fast and insure projects firmly.
3. In complex conditions, it can use double tube rotating drilling, to make the hole stable and easy to slip casting.
4. The drilling rig can be applied for different technique methods and a variety of ground conditions. Especially in the different work conditions, such as the compact ground area, the gravel place, and the fragment rock stratum, this drilling can always provide the operator with excellent solutions.
5. The speed of the borehole is faster than the traditional machine.
6. It has adopted top hydraulic rotary power head impact which is Germany imported, multi drilling, and excellent performance.

Product Parameters:

Model HFMG-180L HFMG-180 HFMG-200
Drilling depth(m) 150 180 200
Drilling diameter(mm) 130 110-300 130-300
Drilling angle(°) -15-90° -10-90° -100-15°
Horizontal drilling range(mm) / / 650-3970
Drill Head Rotary Speed(FR/RE)(rpm) / 30/60;54/108;62/124;105/210
Output torque of driver power head(N.m) 1800-9400 8000 8000
Motor Specification / 6k-390 6k-390
Feeding Stroke(mm) / 3500 3500
Feeding and lifting(kn) 45/65 45/65 45/65

Drill Head

diesel engine 6BTA5.9-C125 / 6BTA5.9-C125
Electric motor Y225M-4/Y200L-4 Y225M-4/Y180L-4 /

Engine Power(KW)

diesel engine 125/2200 125/2200 125kw@2200rpm
Electric motor  45-30 45+22 /
Chassis model / PD135 154
Oil pump specifications Diesel engine 45+45+28(14)

Electric 71+28(14)/63

/ /
Overall Dimension(Drill Reduce Type)(mm) 6100*2100*2350 65000*2200*3000 7440*2300*2700
Weight(kg) 8500 8500 12000

hfmg 200 anchor jet grouting drilling rig  a


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