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HFP Series High Strength Drill Pipe

OD(mm): 56.5-91.2
ID(mm): 48.5-81.6
G.W.(kg/1.5m): 8.2-15.4



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Product Advantage

It is an important part of the thin-wall rope coring system of ingel. The advantages are as follows:
Quick footage: small torsional resistance, high-efficiency conversion, fast cutting speed;
Small disturbance: small disturbance to the formation, high coring quality efficiency;
Large diameter: larger coring diameter;
High benefit: significant cost reduction.

Product Parameters:


Spec OD(mm) ID(mm) G.W.(kg/1.5m)
HTW 91.2 81.6 15.4
NTW 73.3 64.2 13.4
BTW 56.5 48.5 8.2



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