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HFP600+ Portable Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig


Drilling Diameter: 96/75.7/60mm


Drilling Depth: 160/400/600m


Engine Power: 70.5kW


Rotary Torque: 1000N.m



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Product Description:

Hanfa Group’s best-selling models have been tested by the market for many years, and are comfortable to operate, stable and reliable, superior in quality, and cost-effective; they are designed for difficult-to-access areas, complex formations, and 500-600M medium and deep hole drilling projects, and have a wide range of applications. Combined with the crawler self-propelled vehicle, the second variable crawler walking drilling rig. The horizontal drilling frame module can be selected to realize the horizontal drilling of the tunnel.
The following module combinations are optional to meet the multi-purpose needs of drilling rigs
1. HFP600 series tracked vehicle
2. HFP600 series horizontal drill stand module
3. Asynchronous motor power module

Product Parameters:

Model HFP600+
Drill rod model HTW/NTW/BTW
Drill rod length 1.5m
Drilling capacity 160/400/600m
Drilling diameter 96/75.7 /60mm
Core diameter 71/56/42mm




Average speed 150m/min
Lifting power 750kg
Wire rope diameter 6mm
Rope capacity 1000m


Hydraulic system

Rig power KUBOTA Turbocharged diesel engine

3×23.5kw/3000rpm= 70.5kw

Maximum pressure 21MPa
Maximum flow 160L/min

Mud pump

Maximum flow 120L/min
Maximum pressure 7MPa




Top drive power head

Drilling angle 45°- 90°和0°- 90° Optional bracket
Maximum torque 1000N·M
Maximum speed 1200rpm
Give progress 1.83m
Lifting force/feeding force 60KN/30KN (Double cylinder power)
Holder Clamping capacity 114/HTW/NTW/BTW
Machine area 4mx4m×5m
Number of modules 11PCS
Heaviest module 176kg
Weight 1100kg

hfp600 portable hydraulic core drilling rig  a


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