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HFQM100 DTH Drilling Machine

Drilling Diameter: 80-300mm
Drilling Depth: 100m
Rotary Torque: 4400N.m
Walk Speed: 0-4Km/h



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Product Description:


The drilling rig has the advantages of high drilling efficiency, easy maintenance, and high reliability. It is an ideal drilling rig for mining, anchoring, road building, water conservancy, power station construction, and so on.

Product Parameters:

Rotation Speed(Rpm) 150
Rotary torque(N.m) 4400
Mast compensation (mm) 1200
Propel speed(M/s) 0.6
Maximum propel(Kn) 30
Maximum pull(Kn) 65
once promotion(mm) 3500
Walk speed(Km/h) 0-4
Chassis floating(°) 12
Chassis height(mm) 310
Climb ability(°) 35
Diesel engine Yuchai
Transport dimension(mm) 6450*2280*2650
Hole size(mm) 80—300
Bore depth(m) 100
weight(kg)Does not contain dust 7200
Note: Optional for rock drifter or top hammer drilling (additional modification cost required)
Note: The Company’s products continued to improve; various design and technical specifications may change at any time, without any additional notice or obligation.

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