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HFR300 Rotary Drilling Rig

Max. Driling Diameter: 2500-2600mm
Max. Drilling Depth: 94-103m
Engine Power: 315-345kW
Max. Output Torque: 300-360KN.m



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Product Description:

Performance Characteristics
Optimally designed double swing arm luffing mechanism and optimized hinge point position take account of the construction stability and the transportation convenience at the same time.
Dedicated H-type hydraulic retractable crawler chassis for rotary drilling rigs with large-diameter slewing bearing ensures superior stability and convenient transportation.
Imported Volvo engine with strong power effectively reduces fuel consumption and use costs.
The hydraulic system adopts load sensing technology with total power control and limited power control, making the system more efficient and energy-saving. Independent radiator system provides high heat dissipation efficiency.
The proprietary single-row rope main winch of Hanfa effectively solves the twine problem and greatly prolongs the service life of wire rope.
The rotary drive owns a normal mode special for soil layers and a rock-entering mode special for rock formations, which improves construction efficiency. The autorotation of rotary drive can achieve continuous adjustments of speed in normal mode and rock-entering mode.
Standard centralized lubrication system makes the maintenance more convenient and improves working reliability.

Product Parameters:

Type Unit HFR300 HFR360
Max. Drilling Diameter mm ∅2500/∅2300* ∅2600/∅2300*
Max. Drilling Depth m 94 103


Model TAD1352VE TAD1353VE
Rated Power kw 315 345

Rotary Drive


Max. output torque KN.m 300 360
Rotary Speed r/min 6-27 6-27


Crowd Cylinder


Max. pull-down piston push KN 260 300
Max. pull-down piston pull KN 330 350
Max. pull-down piston stroke m 6 6


Crowd Winch


Max.pull-down piston push KN 330 300*
Max.pull-down piston pull KN 330 350*
Max. pull-down piston stroke m 13 10/16*

Main Winch


Max. pulling force KN 330 370
Max.line speed m/min 75 60

Auxiliary Winch


Max. pulling force KN 100 100
Max.line speed m/min 41 41
Mast Rake Side/forwards/backwards ° ± 4/5/15 ± 4/5/15





Max. traveling speed km/h 1.5 1.3
Max.grade ability % 35 35
Track shoe width mm 800 800
Distance between tracks mm 3500-4800 3500-4900
Hydraulic system Working pressure Mpa 33 33
Overall Drilling Weight t 106 115



Working dimension mm 10825 x 4800 x 25510 10870 x 4900 x 25820
Transportation dimension mm 19885 x 3500 x 3775 20650 x 3500 x 3845

hfr300 rotary drilling rig a


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