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HFXC Seriestruck Mounted Water Well Drilling Rig

Driling Depth: 400-3000m

Max. Diameter Of Working Floor:

Rated Power:




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Product Description:

Full Hydraulic Top-drive
Output port adopts a floating device, which effectively reduces the wearing of the drill stem thread, and increases the service life of the drill stem.
The spindle has a strong slag discharge capacity through its large drift diameter, which makes it especially adapt to the reverse circulation construction.
The Feeding System
It has a large stroke by extending completely when working. which adapts to long drill stem and long casing constructions. It retracts when traveling to reduce transportation dimensions.
It adopts a cylinder-wire rope speed multiple feeding system with slow feeding mode, which provides slow drilling and fast
lifting. With that, it ensures good drilling performance and improves working efficiency.
The Convenient Stem Changing Mechanism
Optional independent stem auto-change system and top-drive can use cooperatively, which realizes full automation of stem loading and unloading, and reduces the number of workers and work intensity on the worksite.
The Advanced and Efficient Hydraulic Control System
The independently developed load sensitivity control system can provide proper flow and pressure to the actuating mechanism according to the loading needs, which is energy-efficient.
It adopts the proportional control of the major movements, which makes the speed adjust conveniently. With no shock when starting and stopping, the control is highly accurate.
The Efficient Large Torque Fastening and Unfastening Device
It can fasten and unfasten the drill tools rapidly by using with power slip cooperatively, which realizes loading and unloading drill stem without the assistance of workers and reduces work tensity.
The Comfortable Cab.
Large lifting force drilling rig adopts closed cab, which insulates the noise and dust of the work site efficiently and improves operating environment greatly. With human engineering designed intensive operation platform, it is comfortable to operate and convenient to observe.

Product Parameters:

Type HFXC300 HFXC500 HFXC3000

Drilling capability

Drilling depth m 400(∅89) 600(∅89) 3000(∅114)
Max. diameter of working floor mm ∅330 ∅500 ∅820




Feeding system

Max. lifting capacity KN 160 280 1200
Max.feeding capacity KN 80 120 260
Max.lifting speed m/min 32 39 30
Max.feeding speed m/min XS3800 57 60
Stroke mm 7000 15240




Top drive

Max.torque N.M 6600/3300 11000 27500/18300
Max.Speed r/min 95/190 143 120/180
I.D mm ∅55 ∅76 ∅105
Floating distance mm / 100 100
Max.tilting angle ° / 85 85
Deck engine Type QSB5.9-C150 QSB6.7-C220 CAT C18
Rated power kw 113 164 571
Main winch Hoisting capacity / 50 /
Tool winch Hoisting capacity KN 15 / 50

Breakout device

Max.breakout torque KN / 22000 95000
vise clamping range N.M / 3.5″ ~7.5″ 2-7/8″~ 10-6/8″
Foam pump Max. flow mm / 35 /
Max. pressure L/min / 4 /

Mud pipe

I.D Mpa ∅55 ∅76 ∅76
Max. pressure mm 8 8 35





Drive mode Mpa 4×2 car chassis Iveco 6×4 car chassis 10×8 all-ground car chassis
Rated power kw 121 220 327
High speed km/h 79 96 80
Max. climbing gradient % 41 54 45
Working dimension(L*W*H) mm 7960 x 2500 x 7370 10200 x 3600 x 11250 14680 x 5184 x (13800 ~ 21400)
Transportation dimension(L*W*H) mm 8100 x 2500 x 3250 12000 x 2500 x 4200 14200 x 2550 x 4000
Weight t 13.3 23 55

 hfxc seriestruck mounted water well drilling rig  a


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