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HFJG120 Crawler Type Jet Grouting Anchor Drilling Rig

Drilling Diameter: 90-185mm
Drilling Depth: 0-50m(rotary jet grouting drilling);0-80m(anchor drilling)
Engine Power: 30+11+3kW




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Product Description:

1. Easy construction, enhanced mine crawler chassis, walking is more efficient, stable, and more dynamic in complex road conditions.
2. Wide range of strata. Different performance configurations can be made according to different stratum. Maximum output torque reaches up to 3600 N.m, and the maximum pull force reaches 60 KN. The drilling technologies of carbide drill bit rotary drilling, DTH hammer impact drilling, and tritone bit drilling are optional, thus ensuring the immediate rotary jet grouting into piles after drilling a hole in most strata.
3. It can be used for not only rotary jet grouting drilling, but for anchor drilling.
4. Multiple configuration parts. Customers can choose different performance modules according to different project development needs, which can be purchased at a time, or configured again according to the continuous development of the project.
5. Easy operation and maintenance. Due to the use of full hydraulic technology, there is a breakthrough in the key technologies, such as rotary jet lifting, anchoring weekly speed modules, so the operation is more convenient.
6. Fully equipped drilling tools. According to the market demand, we have developed a large number of rotary jet drilling machines to meet the needs of users, such as single, double, triple, fixed jet, pendulum jet drilling tools.
7. The height of the drilling rig can be customized according to the different needs of customers, and different single, double and triple modules can be made according to different construction requirements.

It is widely applicable for all kinds of soft foundation reinforcement, anti-seepage treatment of basement of high-rise buildings, levee improvement of big river and railway, highway and bridge pier reinforcement, etc.

Product Parameters:

Rotary Jet Grouting Drilling
Pile Diameter Single: 400-600mm
Double: 600-1200mm
Triple: 800-1600mm
Hole Depth 0-50m
Hole Diameter 90-185mm
Anchor Drilling
Hole Depth 0-80m
Drilling Angle 0-90degree
Rotary Jet Grouting Anchor Drilling
Rotation Speed 0-20r/min(adjustable)
Lifting Force of Power Head 80KN
Drilling Rod Length 1/1.5/2m(optional)
Walking Speed 12m/min
Engine Power 30+11+3kw
Transportation Dimension 4700*1900*2200mm
Total Weight About 4000kg

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